Provincial Guidance

The Adult Learning and Literacy Branch

– funds agencies and organizations to provide a continuum of adult learning in Manitoba through adult literacy programs and adult learning centres.

Adult learning and literacy programs are:
– tuition free
– reviewed annually
– located in all regions of Manitoba.

Adults enrolled in adult learning and literacy programs can:
– improve reading, writing, communication, and numeracy skills for work, home, and community involvement
– obtain high school credits or high school completion
– expand education and employment opportunities

Adult Literacy Programs offer:
– a minimum of 6 hours of instruction per week for 26 weeks
– beginning to advanced programming in reading, document use, writing, communication and numeracy skills for adults to meet employment, education, training, and personal literacy‐related goals
– learner assessment and instruction within the context of the Manitoba Stages Framework.
– family literacy programming
– preparation for the General Education Development certificate

Adult Learning Centres offer:
– credits for high school courses and issue high school diplomas. Learners follow Department of Education‐developed and/or approved curricula and meet provincial high school graduation standards.
– up to 4 credits tuition‐free after graduation to obtain the prerequisites to pursue further post‐secondary, training, or employment opportunities.
– non‐credit programming that addresses the upgrading and literacy needs of learners.